Structure — Creation of Man by Penny Chavers

The way our cells were formed to function . . .

Have you ever stopped to think about how you were made?

The structure of the human body is so intricate that it amazes me how anyone could believe that we came from any other source besides a Creator.  The way all of our cells were formed to function throughout our entire body, every part in its proper place.  Our feet to create balance when we walk, legs to help us to stand and walk, our fingers to pick up things with and hands to hold things and then our eyes to see with, ears to hear things, nose to smell things, mouth to speak and tongue to taste.  Then inside of our body is all our parts that work together — our digestive tract, urinary tract, lungs to take in air so we can breathe, and then of course, our brain is the most intricate of all to think of all sorts of things from the simplest thought to an Einstein, a scientist, an inventor, a doctor, a lawyer.  And no two people have the same DNA which means no two people are exactly alike.

Some of us were born with blonde hair and blue eyes; some with brown hair and brown eyes; some with black hair and hazel eyes; etc, etc, etc.  Some of us were born to become tall, some to become short.  Some of us were born white, some black, some Chinese, some Hispanic, etc.  We are all unique — God created us to be different and unique.

And we were created with a natural God-given ability to procreate more of us by the seed that God the Creator has planted inside of us.

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