Oh Mighty God! by Penny Chavers

Nothing is impossible with Him.

What a mighty God He is! Only He can change impossible situations.  Only our Mighty God can split the waters of division.  He can divide the evil from the good with His mighty hand.  With a blast of His nostrils, he caused the waters to separate when Moses raised his hands and the Israelites walked across on dry land.

He is so mighty that His son, Jesus Christ also did what He saw the Father do.  Jesus turned the water into wine.  He calmed the seas in the midst of the storm.  He walked on the water and Peter, while he was keeping his eyes on Jesus, was also able to walk on the water.  And not only did He heal the sick but He also raised the dead — Oh, Mighty God!

How can we deny the awesomeness of our Mighty God???  Nothing is impossible with Him.  So, why do we not trust Him with even the smallest of our problems?  If He can raise the dead, calm the seas, and split the waters, what is stopping Him from answering our prayers and meeting our needs?  Nothing — except our lack of faith!  Without faith, it is impossible to please God.  He honors faith — we must have faith and believe that He can and will answer our prayers!



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