Our Pampered Football Players by Penny Chavers

we have people in this country who are so ‘pampered’ . . .

To those who live in America (including myself): sometimes we don’t know how pampered we are or we forget.  I, for one, though am proud to live in a country that is free and I thank God for that.  It breaks my heart to hear about those in other countries who have no freedoms and particularly those whose government is so corrupt that they take the very food out of the mouth of the children.  God did not intend it to be that way.

People in this country should really be grateful to be here and thank God that He made a way for them to be here, whether they were born here or not.  But, instead, we have people in this country who are so ‘pampered’ and/or filled with hate that they desecrate and disrespect our flag, our constitution, and the ones who died for the right to be free in this country.  It blows my mind!

If these people are so unhappy here in America, then why not leave and go to one of these other countries where you have no freedom of speech or anything else???  I guarantee that you would change your tune when you got there and then you would be so happy to be in America that you would never complain or protest again.  These football players who are refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance should be ashamed of themselves — they make megabucks and are so spoiled rotten, it is a sin.  There are people who would gladly take their place.   Even in this country, there are people who are poor and needy and would appreciate the opportunity to be able to play football and would gladly stand for the pledge of allegiance.  I am so embarrassed at the football players who are acting this way.

Just shows how spoiled they really are!


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