Tentative Plans by Penny Chavers

Plans change constantly which prove that these things are not in our control. . . .


When you make a tentative decision, that means you are just unsure.  How many tentative decisions do we make on a daily basis?  We go about our lives day in and day out making plans for shopping, for appointments, for events, etc. as if we are in control of our own lives.  But are we?  Who is really in control of our lives?

Plans change constantly which prove that these things are not in our control.  We can only tentatively make plans.  God can change everything in an instant.  Thinks happen beyond our control.  Sometimes it is a good change but sometimes it is a bad change.  What seems to us like a disaster could actually be a blessing in disguise.

We don’t understand the ways of God but if we trust Him, then we know that He has our best interest at heart.  Bad things do happen to good people.  When someone passes away, we always assume it’s bad but who knows what would have happened in that person’s life if they had lived?  Something far worse could have happened to them and they could have died later in life in their sins; whereas, if they pass away as a Christian or as a child, then we know they are in heaven.

God is sovereign and He has everything under control.  He is not surprised by anything that we go through.  He has placed each of us in this time period that we are living in for a divine purpose.  It’s up to us to seek Him to understand what that purpose is. Who knows the lives that we may have an impact on if we choose to pursue the purpose and plan of God?


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