Worthy by Penny Chavers

If we think we are not worthy . . . .

Are we worthy?  We, as Christians, think we are not worthy to look upon the face of Jesus or worthy of anything that He may want us to do.

But wait?  If we think we are not worthy, we are belittling what Jesus did for us.  He died and spilled his own blood so that we would be worthy.   He knew us before we were born so He knew what He wanted us to do with our life and also knew when and how we would accept Him as Lord and Savior.

So we are worthy to look upon His face and we are worthy to be used of Him.  It’s time we realize that and stop acting as if we are nothing.  He called each and every one of us.  He has a purpose for us.  No matter what has happened during our lives, we are called.  He knew every thing that would take place, good and bad.  All of it has been for a purpose.

If you do not know the Lord — have never accepted Him as your Savior, you can.  Salvation is a free gift and Jesus died for all of us.  So accept Him into your heart today and your sins will be washed away and you too will be worthy!



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