Suddenly Destruction Comes by Penny Chavers

If God does not intervene, we will, in fact destroy ourselves . . .

Jeremiah 4:20 Destruction upon destruction is cried; for the whole land is spoiled: suddenly are my tents spoiled, and my curtains in a moment.

What’s the noise all about?  Every day when we turn on the news, we hear of yet another disaster or another shooting either in our local area or somewhere in our country.  It’s a constant daily occurrence.  It never stops but rather increases.  Why is this?

We have become a spoiled people — a nation who wants our way about every minute detail of our lives.  We are so bored (especially our children) that we feel we need more entertainment.  We want more attention so we create drama where is none.  Our youth cannot get the attention they need from their parents so they act out to draw attention.

Fathers are either absent from the home and have abandoned their children or they abuse their children and their wives.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Even mothers are no longer mothers but have also become abusers themselves and/or users of drugs and alcohol.  So the children either are left to themselves to get into mischief or they run away from home and get into criminal activity.

The fabric of our society has drastically changed.  Prayer has been taken out of our schools so now teachers and students are no longer allowed to even speak the name of Jesus without retribution.  By the time our kids get into college, they no longer believe in God because our society and educators have brainwashed them into believing there is no God or that there are “many ways” to God.

Our churches have become emptied of youth and even a lot of adults have dropped out.  Some drop out because they have become disillusioned or confused.  And it’s no wonder — the fact is many of our churches are only providing a “watered-down” gospel where “sin” is no longer viewed as sin.  Right is “wrong” and wrong is “right.”

And now it is getting harder and harder to get a group of people (even Christians!) to agree on anything.  Everyone has a negative response to every comment or post no matter how sincere the person is who creates the post.  Every word is taken out of context and turned completely around.  Everyone insists that their view is the right view on every topic under the sun.  They do not want to compromise in any way on anything — no matter how simple the matter is.  If someone presents a good idea or solution to a problem, they immediately have negative responses thrown at them.  I think the problem is that every one wants to be the one to get the credit so they will shoot down everyone else’s ideas.  It’s a power struggle — a struggle to be right or to be in the limelight.  Or they just simply like to provoke debate no matter what!  And then there are those who just have a negative outlook on everything!

All this goes back to a spoiled nation — everyone wanting their own way so they kick and scream just like spoiled children do!

If God does not intervene, we will, in fact, destroy ourselves without God even lifting a finger!

In spite of all of this,  God still loves us!  He has shown us the clear path to righteousness.  He sent His only son to be our example of what love is and how we are treat one another.  We need to learn from the example of Jesus — He became humble and loved even the vilest of sinners.  Let us learn from His example.

Thank goodness for His everlasting love and mercy — He doesn’t give up on us!