The Delivery by Penny Chavers

. . . will not come as expected . . .

A delivery can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing.  Sometimes your package that you ordered will not come as you expected.  When your delivery arrives, it may be damaged which causes you to be quite frustrated.  Or it may not look the same as when you viewed it online — sometimes it’s because of false advertising but oftentimes, it is just because you could not see it in person — maybe it is an article of clothing that doesn’t fit or the color is off or maybe you just changed your mind and you no longer want it like you thought you did when you ordered it.

Regardless of the situation, if you are not happy with your delivery, you usually have the choice of returning it if you choose to go that route.  But, there are some deliveries that you cannot return or should never refuse to accept.  Such is the case of the delivery of a baby.  You cannot return a baby — a baby is a gift from God and should not even be up for reconsideration.  Even if the baby does not come out as expected — that baby was sent down from Heaven as a gift to you.  If that baby does not look like you or your spouse, it doesn’t matter or if the baby has a genetic defect or some other physical problem, it is still your child and came from your loins.  God does not look on the outward appearance or reject someone based on their looks or their physical condition.  In fact, He knew you before you were born and He knows everything that is going to happen in your life before you are even born.

In Psalm 139:16, it says God saw our unformed substance and in His book all the days of our life were written down before we ever took shape.  That is how much thought God put into us and creating us.  So, if God put that much thought into creating us, how can anyone refuse a beautiful gift from Him such as a baby?