The Elemental Power Behind the Eclipse by Penny Chavers

A rare event . . .

CGS33853Yesterday was an interesting day in our world. A rare event that does not happen too often. What causes or creates these supernatural events? Is it just a coincidental event or is it a carefully planned strategic event? And if so, who is behind it?

Well, I will skip the scientific explanation and get right to the punch. It certainly is not “Mother Nature.” And it was no accidental event or coincidental event either. It most assuredly was a carefully designed and planned event by the One who knows all and created all things — God our Creator. He made the sun, the moon, and the stars and He made them for signs and for seasons to show us things. Things that happen in the future and to give us light for the seasons and to be light for us so we would not be in darkness. Not only does He not want us to be in darkness in the literal sense but also it is His desire for us to not be in darkness in the spiritual sense.